Romans 5

Bible opened to Romans 5 with Chocolove coffee crunch and dark chocolate

Today’s Passage: Romans 5


In this chapter, Paul begins to dig in detail into justification by faith. The first half (vv.1-11) gives a purpose for the tribulations that we experience, and casts Jesus Christ’s death on the cross as an expression of God’s love. The second half (vv. 12-21) concerns Christ’s righteousness imputed to us, and develops some parallels between Adam’s original transgression and Christ’s gift.

I noticed that the chapter doesn’t mention the cross, and in the second half, Paul doesn’t directly reference Jesus’ death at all. The free gift has mankind’s many transgressions as a starting point (v.16) and through Jesus Christ has justification and life as the end result. Paul refers to “one act of righteousness” in verse 18: I wonder, does this refer obliquely to Jesus’ death on the cross, or could Paul be considering Jesus’ entire sinless life as the basis of our imputed righteousness? In the same breath Paul says, “[T]hrough the obedience of the One the many will be made righteousness” (v.19), and it seems that Paul could easily mean Jesus’ life of obedience to God, not just his willingness to die on a cross for mankind’s sins.

Today’s chocolate is Chocolove’s coffee crunch in dark chocolate. According to the wrapper, “This bar is made with cocoa certified by IMO Switzerland as For Life which means it was farmed in a socially responsible and sustainable manner.” Also, it is delicious.

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