Psalm 9 – Great Justice

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Today’s passage: Psalm 9

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Judging from its content, David composed this psalm from a place of orientation. He describes the just universe that he longed to see in Psalm 5, where the just and perfect Creator rescues the afflicted, preserves the righteous, and pays back evil men for their misdeeds.

David writes, “The Lord abides forever; he has established his throne for judgment” (7). As a king with his own throne, David knows a few things about having authority and making decrees, and he knows that God’s power (for which the throne acts as a metaphor) is much greater than his. God executes his righteous judgments from his throne (3); ruining the wicked, routing his enemies, slaying them as they retreat, he literally executes justice. Conversely, those who seek and trust him can count on God not to abandon them (10). He protects them personally and restores their hope.

Because the psalm begins with David expressing gratitude and praise for God’s justice, we don’t see his own personal situation until late in the passage. In the only imperative addressed to God in the whole psalm, David asks: “Be gracious to me, O Lord; see my affliction from those who hate me, you who lift me up from the gates of death” (13). His circumstances, from what little we can glean in this brief verse, are just as life-or-death as in Psalm 7, but he’s not shaken; he’s confident that God will protect him, as he’s done in the past.

Moreover, David knows that the proper response to God’s justice is thankfulness and worship. Throughout the psalm, he expresses appreciation to God for overcoming his enemies and protecting the righteous; moreover, he accompanies his single verse-thirteen plea for help with a promise to continue extolling God’s goodness as long as God preserves his breath to do so. David is clearly committed to letting those around him know that God is good and protects those who trust him.

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