Psalm 13 – Are You There, God? It’s Me, King David of Israel

Bible opened to Psalm 13 with Ukrainian cinnamon and chili pepper chocolate

Today’s passage: Psalm 13

Today’s chocolate: Ukrainian cinnamon-and-chili-pepper chocolate

David’s got a lot of questions. Such as, “God, where are you?” and “How long will this go on?” You might well ask similar questions, if you too were faced with adversaries ready to gloat at your downfall and threatened with “sleeping the sleep of death” (3). This is a short psalm, but David has packed his distress into it; some two-thirds of it is questions punctuated with a reiterated “How long?” and imperatives pleading for an answer from God.

But a turn occurs as we enter the final third of the psalm. And as usual, the turn hinges on trust. David concludes, “I will sing to the Lord, because he has dealt bountifully with me” (6). When he remembers how God has treated him in the past, he sees grounds for faith, and moreover, grounds for writing a psalm that ends on a high note.

Today’s chocolate is a donation from a friend, a sample of Ukrainian cinnamon-and-chili-pepper chocolate. It’s tasty, and it gets spicy once the cinnamon kicks in: kind of a slow burn, but potent. In the short term, I expect it’s even more of a wake-up call than my Endangered Species espresso bar. Thanks for the contribution, Stephen!


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