Psalm 36 – God and Evil

Bible opened to Psalm 36 with Theo and Endangered Species salted almond dark chocolate

Today’s passage: Psalm 36

Today’s chocolate: Chocolate Showdown! Theo salted almond dark chocolate vs. Endangered Species dark chocolate with sea salt & almonds

What’s the opposite of an evil person? It’s a good person, right? When he’s faced with threats of violence from evil men, we’ve even seen David contrast himself as a righteous man with his wicked, brutal pursuers. His prayers reiterate the theme: “It would be unjust for God to let liars and murderers triumph over a man who has abstained from these things.”

But today, David sets up a different contrast. The opposite of an evil person isn’t a good person. The opposite of an evil person is God.

To be fair, David is talking about a specific sort of evil person here: the ungodly. So of course the opposite of an ungodly person is God himself. “There is no fear of God before [the ungodly man’s] eyes,” David writes, “For it flatters him in his own eyes concerning the discovery of his iniquity and the hatred of it” (1-2). In other words, this guy is ungodly to the core: he’s disrespectful of God and proud of it, wearing his reputation for flaunting God’s laws like a badge of honor. He’s an inveterate liar who’s abandoned wisdom (3), and he fails to hate the evil in himself. He’s not the least bit conflicted about his wickedness. He’s all in.

God, on the other hand, is all about lovingkindness. David praises him for his protection: “O Lord, You preserve man and beast. How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God! And the children of men take refuge in the shadow of Your wings” (7-8). God shows his goodness in sustaining the goodness he’s made within his creation. Even men, with their flaws and sins, can receive his mercy and generosity.

And that’s what the ungodly man has turned his back on. By plunging headlong into lies, hatred, and arrogance, he’s turned his back on the lovingkindness that only God can supply, and with it God’s protection. For this reason, David concludes, “There the doers of iniquity have fallen; they have been thrust down and cannot rise” (12). God, in his goodness, will not sustain evil, and whoever devotes himself to evil will end up thrown down in the dust.

And with that, it’s time for another Chocolate Showdown! Who has the best salted almond dark chocolate bar: Theo, or Endangered Species?

Chocolate Showdown: Theo salted almond dark chocolate versus Endangered Species dark chocolate with sea salt & almonds

I’m going to give this one to Theo. It’s got a sharper chocolate flavor, a crunchier texture, and more salt to its almonds. All in all, it’s just a stronger bar. Of course, if you like your chocolate sweeter, the Endangered Species bar will probably be more to your liking. They’re both good chocolate!


2 thoughts on “Psalm 36 – God and Evil

    1. Thanks, Amy. Glad you’re enjoying the blog. In my posts I generally try to focus on the text–but every now and then I like to have a chocolate showdown, and what’s the point of a chocolate showdown if it doesn’t help one’s readers make informed chocolate-purchasing decisions? ;)


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