Psalm 53 – Remix of Fools

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Today’s passage: Psalm 53

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“The fool has said in his…” Wait a minute.

This psalm is the same as Psalm 14!

Okay, not exactly the sameAs can tell us, the epigraph of each is different, suggesting different musical tunes to go with the lyrics; moreover, Psalm 14 refers to God as “the Lord” (Hebrew “YHWH”) in places, while Psalm 53 refers to God as “God” (Hebrew “Elohim”) throughout. And finally, Psalm 14:5-6 focuses on God’s deliverance of the righteous, while Psalm 53:5 puts the emphasis on God’s triumph over the wicked. By and large, though, the lyrical similarities outnumber the differences significantly.

But, with that said, what can this psalm tell us about love? The word “love” doesn’t appear in Psalm 53 (nor in its earlier analogue), but I want to continue investigating this idea that it all comes down to love. The opening of the psalm might be read as mankind’s failure to love God; there is no one “who understands, who seeks after God” (2). And when these evildoers oppress God’s people, he responds by rejecting them and scattering their bones (5). When God comes to Israel’s defense, it clearly shows his love for them. But God’s treatment of the fools who reject him prompts me to ask today’s Question of the Day:

Can you reject someone and still love them? Can you love someone by scattering their bones?



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