Chocolate Review: Theo Orange 70% Dark Chocolate

Theo Orange 70 Percent Dark Chocolate - wrapper and bar for review

Brand: Theo Chocolate

Flavor: Orange Dark Chocolate

Cacao Content: 70%

Rating: 5/5, loved it

I normally don’t like fruit flavors in my chocolate; in the words of The Offspring, you gotta keep ’em separated. But you know what I’ll make an exception for? Orange. Especially if it’s Theo’s Orange.

This bar’s got three different flavors to balance–sweet, sour, and bitter–and it does so masterfully. The citrus tang and the bite of the dark perfectly complement the sweetness. The sweet is strong without getting overpowering, and texture-wise the bar is smooth without getting too soft. All-around, it’s a fantastic bar, and it’s not just my favorite fruit-flavored bar. It’s one of my favorite chocolates, period.

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