Chocolate Review: Madécasse 92% Cocoa Pure Dark Chocolate

Madecasse 92 percent Cocoa Pure Dark Chocolate - bar and outer wrapper

Brand: Madécasse

Flavor: Pure Dark Chocolate

Cacao Content: 92% (dang, son)

Rating: 3/5, Liked it

I consider myself a dark chocolate guy, but this bar taught me the extent of my affinity. It’s ferociously sharp with a bitter bite to it, with only the slightest hint of sweetness–as you might have inferred, given that only 8% of the bar is things that are not cacao. It’s got a firm texture, solid and snappy, and a strong flavor to go with it. But if you’re not the sort who likes their chocolate aggressively dark, like kick-your-tastebuds-in dark, you’re better off dialing it back the cacao content and picking a less potent bar. Truth be told, it’s a bit on the dark side even for me.


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