Jonah 1 – Jonah, the Very Worst Prophet

If there’s one minor prophet you’re already familiar with, it’s probably Jonah. While the bulk of the minor prophets comprises divine messages of judgment, mercy, and calls to repentance, Jonah is largely historical narrative. When you add that it requires very little background knowledge to understand, you’ve got a prime candidate for a children’s Bible story lesson. Plus, it’s got a big ol’ miracle fish.


A Life Well Lived – 2 Samuel 22 [Totally Hip Gratitude]

Now it’s time for another installment of Totally Hip Gratitude, our questionably-named study on thankfulness in the Bible. Today we’re looking at the first time in the Bible that someone explicitly makes a verbal statement of thanks to God. It’s King David, and you’ll find it in 2 Samuel 22.

Thanks or No Thanks – 1 Samuel 1-2 [Totally Hip Gratitude]

Welcome back to another installment of Totally Hip Gratitude, the series on thankfulness whose name the more I think about it seems increasingly stupid. I don’t think it lands that it’s a play on the 90s’ obsession with edginess and attitude, juxtaposing it with the humility of sincere appreciation. But there’s no going back now! And in today’s post, we’re going to look at a passage that the NASB labels a song of thanksgiving, even though it doesn’t use the word “thank.”

Amos 9 – The Wine at the End of the Tunnel

Remember Psalm 139, the “birthday psalm,” so called because it’s about God creating King David in his mother’s womb? I’m pretty sure Amos 9–the final chapter of the book of Amos–directly refers to it. As the chapter begins, Amos sees the Lord standing next to an altar. Perhaps Amos is still in Vision Mode, or perhaps this constitutes a full-blown theophany in the vein of Genesis 18. But more important than how the Lord appears to Amos is what he has to say to the prophet.

Spam Stories with Lee and Larry

I’ve recently found some weird comments caught in my spam filter. They all list “linux” top-level domains as their websites, or, and the name the would-be poster provides invariably conflicts with their email address. For example, “Jack’s” email username is “jill_bateman.” Another “Jack” provides his or her (or, more likely, its) email username as “solomonbelt.” Are they the same Jack, attempting to post from two different IP addresses, one of which is in the UK, and the other of which is in Buffalo, NY? Or are they two different Jacks? One commenter gives their name as “,” after giving “” as their website. Which one is it, Technorati? If that’s even your real name.

Amos 8 – Summer’s Out Forever

A few days ago, I happened across some item from my school days. No, I don’t remember what it was. And while I could make this post more interesting by making up some specific item, we here at Chocolate Book are all about truthfulness over entertainment value. Anyway, whatever this item was, it amazed me to think that there were twelve years of my life where I spent one-fourth of the year not working. No obligations! But now those days are gone forever.