Chocolate Review: Endangered Species 72% Cocoa Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans

Endangered Species 72 Percent Cocoa Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans photo for review: wrapper and bar
The espresso beans are in there, I promise! They’re underneath the chocolate veneer that is exactly the same for every Endangered Species bar!

Brand: Endangered Species
FlavorDark Chocolate with Espresso Beans
Cacao Content: 72%
Espresso Content: Good enough for granddad
Rating: 3/5, Liked it

If you, like me, would rather eat your coffee than drink it, you’ll enjoy this bar. Endangered Species injects a subtle coffee flavor and texture into their dark chocolate bar. The chocolate’s tasty, bittersweet, snappy, and firm, complemented nicely by the espresso. I do wish the latter was more prominent, and I can’t help feeling that Chocolove’s Dark Chocolate Coffee Crunch bar has spoiled me for crunchy textures; in my book, Endangered Species’ offering is a bit too smooth. Still, it’s a pretty good bar for a delicious pick-me-up. Go ahead and give it a try.

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