Chocolate Review: Equal Exchange Lemon Ginger with Black Pepper

Equal Exchange Lemon Ginger Dark Chocolate with Black Pepper - wrapper and bar photo for review

Brand: Equal Exchange

Flavor: Lemon Ginger with Black Pepper

Cacao Content: 55%

Rating: 3/5, Liked it

Thanks to Jenny Cook of Life in the Cookie Jar for sponsoring this chocolate review. You, too, can support Chocolate Book by pledging to my Patreon!

The last time I tried a ginger chocolate bar, it proved too intense for me. Not so this time! The ginger in Equal Exchange’s bar stands up and makes itself known without overpowering my tastebuds. The black pepper accent blends in with the ginger almost imperceptibly. There’s a hint of lemon and ample chocolatey sweetness. Is it good? It’s good. This time around I will not give it to my mom and brother. I will eat it myself.

Well, maybe if they ask nicely. They are, admittedly, more enthusiastic about ginger than I am.

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