Chocolate Review: Theo Coconut 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate

Theo Coconut 70 percent Cacao Dark Chocolate: wrapper and bar photo for review
This review is brought to you by a generous contribution from my mom, who pronounces it “Thay-oh.” I find this outlandish, as I know of no one who pronounces their name “Thay-oh-door,” but maybe she knows something I don’t. In any event, far be it from me to question someone who is supporting my chocolate habit and who moreover is my mom.

Brand: Theo
Flavor: Coconut Dark Chocolate
Cacao Content: 70%
Rating: 3/5, Liked it

Generally, I’ve found that coconut doesn’t have much flavor to it unless it’s in large quantities, like a Mounds bar. Eating Theo’s coconut dark chocolate is very much unlike eating a Mounds bar. It uses higher-quality chocolate, with a balanced blend of sweet and dark flavors, and it’s got that white-fresh taste of coconut for a tasty accent. The chocolate is soft, while the coconut adds a pleasant grain to the texture. Theo’s coconut bar may not be my absolute favorite, but it clears the bar set by a Mounds bar. And I know I’m twisting the knife as I say this, but Hershey’s, the maker of Mounds, is not on Slave Free Chocolate’s ethical chocolate companies list and has admitted culpability in purchasing at least some of its cocoa from sources that use slave labor.

Buy slave-free chocolate, fam. Get your coconut fix from companies like Theo.

Support Chocolate Book on Patreon and help me buy and review more chocolate like Theo where all the laborers involved in its production get paid!

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