Chocolate Review: Tony’s Chocolonely Cherry Meringue Dark Chocolate

Tony's Chocolonely Dark Chocolate Cherry Meringue: photo for review, outer wrapper and bar

Brand: Tony’s Chocolonely

Flavor: Cherry Meringue Dark Chocolate

Cacao Content: 51%

Rating: 5/5, Loved it

Holy wow that is some good chocolate. I’m not normally a fruit-in-my-desserts kinda guy, so when I put this cherry bar in my mouth and found it crazy amazing, I was as surprised as anyone. From bite one, you’re getting the tasty texture of firm dark chocolate with crunchy cherry bits. It’s deliciously sugary, slightly tart, and sharp enough to please dark chocolate junkies like me. Oh, Tony’s Chocolonely Cherry Meringue Dark Chocolate with 51% Cacao, I think I’m in love.

This bar’s a Valentine’s Day limited edition, so you may find that it’s not currently available, but Tony’s Chocolonely has plenty of other rad chocolate bars that they sell not only in February, but all the other months too. And I know I sound like an ad, but Tony’s isn’t paying me a red cent for this. They didn’t even give me a free bar, and I’m still going nuts over their chocolate! My good friend and fellow blogger Jenny Cook of the sometimes-updated Life in the Cookie Jar sent me this awesome bar for my birthday, and I am looking forward to enjoying it as I continue through the gospel of Matthew.

Would you like to send me a chocolate bar? Would you like me to get a P.O. Box for such a purpose? Hmm.


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