Chocolate Review: Splendid 70% Dark Chocolate with Orange

Splendid 70 percent cacao Dark Chocolate with Orange: photo of external wrapper and bar for review
Camel not included.

Brand: Splendid
Flavor: Dark Chocolate with Orange
Cacao Content: 70%
Rating: 3/5, Liked it

One of the perks of having parents who went to Israel last month is that they may have brought back chocolate for you. They may even have brought back a wood-carved camel, which you included in the chocolate photo to spice it up, even though it has nothing to do with the chocolate. First up among our chocolate from Israel is Splendid’s dark chocolate with orange. Fair warning, Splendid isn’t fair trade. The Strauss group does have its own commitment to sustainable practices and sourcing, but a portion of their cacao beans come from West Africa, a region where cacao producers often employ child and slave labor. The wrapper notes that the chocolate is kosher and inspected by the Nazareth-Illit Rabbinate. As always, do the research and make the ethical call for yourself.

That said, Splendid’s orange? Pretty good chocolate. It’s got a strong orange flavor: tart, acidic, and sharp as an 85% cacao bar. It’s also got some weight to it, with a solid, slightly grainy texture. It’s a bit harsher than Theo’s orange chocolate, which remains my favorite orange, but it’s a tasty bar in its own right.

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