Chocolate Review: Parra White Chocolate with Almonds

Review Strauss Chocolate Cow Parra White Chocolate with Almonds
The camel means it’s from Israel. That’s how we do things now.

Brand: Parra Chocolate
Flavor: White Chocolate w/ Almonds
Cacao Content: I have no idea, the entire wrapper is in Hebrew and Arabic
Rating: 3/5, Liked it

Here’s some more chocolate that my parents brought back from their trip to Israel, and man, I had to do some research just to identify it. I nearly missed the only English letters on the wrapper: the main website for the Strauss group, which is in Hebrew. Flipping to the English version of the site, I dug down through their complete brand selection until I recognized the cow logo from the wrapper: it’s their Parra chocolate brand. As noted before, Strauss’ chocolate is not Fair Trade certified, but it is kosher, and the Strauss company has its own commitment to sustainable practices and sourcing.

Yeah, but how’s the chocolate, right? It’s pretty good. The flavor is creamy, sweet, milky, and nutty, with a solid yet sleek texture. The white chocolate and almond complement each other well, and each bite goes down smoothly. It has hardly a hint of raw cacao’s signature bitterness, which some of you will consider a plus. I prefer more bite to my bars (probably why I’m so fond of Mega Ran, if you’ll pardon the wordplay), but if you’re ever in Jerusalem and want to eat a sweet chocolate bar whose wrapper you may well not be able to read, you can’t go wrong with Parra’s white chocolate with almonds.

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