Chocolate Review: Simple Truth Organic 73% Cacao Marcona Almond Dark Chocolate

Simple Truth Organic 73 percent Cacao Marcona Almond Dark Chocolate - photograph of bar and wrapper for review

Brand: Simple Truth Organic
FlavorMarcona Almond Dark Chocolate
Cacao Content: 73%
Price Paid: $1.79
Rating: 3/5, Liked it

Can Kroger step with the big boys of fair-trade chocolate? Last week they had a buy-four-at-$1.79-each sale on their Simple Truth Organic label chocolate, and I couldn’t pass up a deal like that, so we’re about to find out.

First on our itinerary is their Marcona almond flavor, and it stacks up pretty well. It’s soft but firm on first bite, with a slightly sharp flavor and a meaty almond crunch. For a dark bar, it’s especially sweet, with a pleasing balance of sugar and vanilla. It lacks the punch of my favorite bars, with nothing to really make you go “Wow, this is amazing chocolate!” But it’s good, and I very nearly gave it a four out of five. It may not win any belts, but it’s a contender.

As for value, the $1.79-each sale is a good deal, though I’d balk at its usual $2.79 price tag. In subsequent weeks, we shall see how some of the other flavors fare, including Maca powder, Baobab, and straight-up dark chocolate. Can the Simple Truth label garner a 5/5 from me? You and I both will find out!

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