Chocolate Review: Simple Truth Organic 71% Cacao Baobab Dark Chocolate

Simple Truth Organic 71 percent Cacao Baobab Dark Chocolate: photograph of bar and wrapper for review

Brand: Simple Truth Organic
FlavorBaobab Dark Chocolate
Cacao Content: 71%
Price Paid: $1.79
Rating: 5/5, Loved it

Our magical journey into Kroger’s magical journey into the world of organic fair-trade chocolate continues with their Simple Truth baobab dark chocolate bar. What is a baobab? It’s a thick-trunked tree that you can find in the southern hemisphere, whose fruit sun-dries naturally on the branch and–in chocolate–is God’s uncontested greatest gift to the human tongue.

That’s quite a claim to make, but I may not be in my right mind on account of how crazy delicious this chocolate is. It’s fruity and sweet, as if you took Simple Truth’s maca bar and dialed it up to eleven and then added pure magic. It packs a bitter citrus tang, threading the needle of dark and light. It dances a tango with all your favorite taste buds. It does not taste like it came from the Australian bush or the wilds of Africa; it tastes like it came directly from heaven to celebrate your mouth’s birthday. I bought it on sale, but it tastes so amazing that even I, the chocolate cheapskate, might be willing to pay full price for it.

Can Kroger step with the big boys of fair-trade chocolate? Through the power of baobab, the answer is a resounding yes.

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