Chocolate Review: Endangered Species 72% Cocoa Dark Chocolate

Review Endangered Species 72 percent Cocoa Dark Chocolate

Brand: Endangered Species
FlavorDark Chocolate
Cacao Content: 72%
Price: $2.29
Rating: 4/5, Liked it a lot

Endangered Species is a perennial favorite around here. They source their chocolate through sustainable, fair-trade, slavery-free providers. They give 10% of profits to organizations promoting conservation through their GiveBack Partner program. And of course they offer tasty bars that deliver the value, or else we’d be leaning toward other slavery-free chocolate brands. We like what they’re doing with their fancy flavors. But how do they do with straightforward dark chocolate?

Their 72% cacao bar is solid in both texture and flavor. It leans into the bitter; the cane sugar and vanilla are the backup singers here, while the sharp black bite of the chocolate takes center stage. It’s firm and dense against your bite, and it’s delicious. And that should come as no surprise; Endangered Species has got a solid chocolate backbone for their flavors such as mint, almond, and espresso. Do you want some no-frills chocolate, but Endangered Species’ 88% cacao bar is too dark for you? Try this boy. It’s a tasty boy, and at $2.29 a bar, it’s a fair-trade value boy too.

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