Chocolate Review: Alter Eco Deep Dark Blackout Organic Chocolate

Alter Eco Deep Dark Blackout Organic Chocolate - photograph of bar and wrapper for review

Brand: Alter Eco
Flavor: Deep Dark Blackout
Cacao Content: 85%
Price: $3.49
Rating: 4/5, Liked it a lot

Alter Eco, like Endangered Species, is an environmentally-conscious chocolate company, and I give their Deep Dark Blackout bar a four. Are you surprised? You’re not. It’s chocolate, it’s dark, it’s good, and I dig it. It’s got that sharp bitterness that you want from a chocolate bar, in the same way that you want spiciness from your buffalo wings. And they’re not kidding around with the name, either; this is one for the dark aficionados. It’s like having a panther from the jungles of Ecuador delivering sugar and vanilla into your mouth. And we like that. We like sweet tasty mouth panthers.

However, I don’t often go for Alter Eco because they tend toward the pricey side. If you want that hard blackout chocolatude at a more affordable price, I recommend Green & Black’s 85% cacao bar.

Thanks to Chocolate Book’s supporters on Patreon for making this review and more possible!

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