Chocolate Review: barkTHINS Dark Chocolate Coconut with Almonds

barkthins dark chocolate coconut with almonds - bag and snack photo for review

Brand: barkTHINS
Flavor: Dark Chocolate Coconut with Almonds 
Price: $3.49
Rating: 4/5, Liked it a lot

Merry Christmas, everyone. I got you this review of Dark Chocolate Coconut barkTHINS with Almonds.

So, I’ve concluded that barkTHINS are the Pringles of fair-trade chocolate, because when I open a bag, it’s all I can do to keep portion control from going out the window. And as it turns out, the coconut-almond variety of barkTHINS are no exception. They’ve got a lot going on with both flavor and texture, but they pull off a tasty, addictive balance. You want chewy coconut and crunchy almonds in your dark chocolate? You can get it here. It’s snappy, fresh, and sharp, salty and sweet and bitter all in the same package. Quit Almond Joys forever and even throw out your Almond and Sea Salt barkTHINS, because the Coconut and Almond barkTHINS are objectively better than either of those.

That’s right, they’re objectively better. Chocolate Book has spoken; all heed the word of Chocolate Book.

Thanks to Chocolate Book’s supporters on Patreon for making this review and more possible! You folks are the tightest.

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