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One man‘s daily reflections on the Bible: simultaneously an attempt to read the Bible with more regularity and an excuse to eat more chocolate.

4 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. I’ve decided to join you, at least for the Bible part. Lord knows I’ve tried similar read the Bible and blog challenges and have failed at them miserably. Lord also knows I need to read the Bible more. (More than not at all) I like reading your thoughts and jumping in. Let’s do this!

    PS: Are you taking suggestions for the next book of the Bible you read or do you already have a plan?


    1. Glad to have you along for the ride, Matt! After finishing Romans, I’m going to be taking a look at the question: what do the gospel authors think the gospel is? For example: what exactly is the “gospel according to Matthew?” If I were to ask Matthew what the gospel is, what would he say? It will be more of a topical approach, but I’m still going to be looking at the gospels, relevant passage by relevant passage.


  2. Hey Jackson. I am very eager to read through your blog posts. I am fascinated to see your personal interpretation of the Bible and how it speaks to you. I encourage you to translate word for word, and letter for letter to gain more insight for yourself. Most people, when studying the Bible, believe that it is translated phrase by phrase, however that renders an inaccurate account of events and transliteration. Also, take heed that current Hebrew Script isn’t the same language as the original abjad Ancient Hebrew. The same as with the Greek used in the New Testament. These languages have evolved tremendously since their inception. The syntax, dialect, semantic, rhetoric, pronunciation, etc. are very different. The incredible mystery of the Bible, from my perspective, is that it speaks to each individual differently. The Almighty Father reveals Truth to us indiviually. There is no general consensus about the meanings hidden within the encyclopedia known as the Bible. Good luck to you with your personal journey walking with God. I am going to take time today and read through what you have written. Have an excellent day, Jackson.
    Also, Thank You for inviting me to your Blog.
    With Love, Liliana


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