Chocolate Review: Vosges Black Salt Chocolate with Caramel

There’s a story behind this bar. Awhile ago, I swung by Kroger with my Plan X Media partner-in-ministry, Ash Green, to restock my chocolate supply. The standard price for the Vosges caramel bar you see above was $5.49, and while I like caramel well enough, I prefer straight-up dark chocolate, so I normally wouldn’t have given it a second thought. But, as Ash pointed out, the bar was on sale for $2.79, an absolutely crazy markdown. He talked me into grabbing the Vosges bar on sale, and I’m glad he did. This is the good stuff.


Chocolate Review: Equal Exchange Organic Dark Chocolate Mint Crunch

Equal Exchange’s Dark Chocolate Mint Crunch is one of my favorite mint chocolates. The real selling point is its crunchy texture, which I have yet to find in any other mint. It has a strong sweet flavor without eclipsing the mint, which is potent enough in its own right. At 67% cacao, it’s fairly dark, and if you’re accustomed to milk chocolate, you may find the dark tones overpowering at first. But if you’re a mint fan who likes a little texture, you’ll want to get your hands on this bar. It’s good stuff!