Psalm 64 – King of Kings and Sniper of Snipers

Psalm 64 isn’t the first psalm we’ve seen that devotes a large passage to characterizing evildoers. I’m reminded of Psalm 12, in which David describes liars that he thought he could trust, and I could easily dig out more examples from the psalms we’ve already surveyed. But here David uses an archery metaphor not only for wicked men, but also for God’s response to their plotting. Let’s take a closer look at the picture he paints.

Psalm 45 – Cupid and the Reaper

The sons of Korah are at it again with a song celebrating the king’s marriage. Imagine, for a moment, that you are getting married, and instead of picking out an existing song to be played at your wedding, you decide that no other song in existence will do. A new love song will have to be written to commemorate the occasion. What will be the theme of your song? What will it sound like? Will it talk about shooting your foes with arrows?

Psalm 38 – Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Been

So far, whenever there’s trouble in a Psalm of David, it’s usually come from his enemies. There’s some external threat, mocking David or doing violence to him or threatening his life, and he’s praying for God to rescue him. And the enemies are still hanging around in Psalm 38, but the primary source of disorientation here  isn’t the liar or violent man who opposes David. This disorientation comes from God–and ultimately from David himself.