Total Depravity, with Apologies – Romans 5:1-11, Day 2

Let’s just rip off the band-aid: I know at least one of you has no interest in seeing the topic of predestination and free will considered here on Chocolate Book. (I know because this person has told me.) But every weekday I open up the Bible, read the passage, and write up my thoughts on it, and right now I can’t read this passage without thinking about the Verboten Subject. We’ve got to spend all week in these eleven verses for the Triad study, and as much as I wish I could write something else about them, I’m squeezing my brain and this is what’s coming out. Better to get over the predestination-and-free-will hump sooner rather than later, so that hopefully tomorrow I will find myself able to think other things about the passage. Sorry, friend.

Romans 2

Today’s Passage: Romans 2 Today’s Chocolate: Mocha (Swiss Miss mix + Folgers Instant Coffee) Romans 2 helps put Romans 1 in context. As I understand him, Paul is saying that his purpose earlier wasn’t to point out particular sins such as faithlessness, but to show that everyone’s guilty of something. We can judge each other for […]