Matthew 2 – Hail to the King

Christmas is over. And in Matthew’s account, Jesus may have already been born, but the Christmas story continues even after his birth. Today’s chapter covers the visit from the magi, Herod’s plan to kill the recently-born Messiah, and Joseph’s escape to Egypt with his family.

Matthew 1 – Joseph and the Amazing Keep-the-Mother Dream Angel

Merry Christmas, Chocolate Book fam. Today we turn to the first chapter of Matthew, which is mostly genealogy. The eight remaining verses are mostly about Joseph, which is after a fashion to be expected, considering that some scholars think the genealogy in Matthew presents Joseph’s family tree, in contrast to Luke’s presentation of Jesus’ lineage via Mary. Comparing the two genealogies can be an interesting exercise, but there’s little to be gained by me recapitulating the points and counterpoints of those who’ve already done their research. You’ve got the internet; you can dig as deep as you please. Meanwhile, over here we’re gonna look at what Matthew has to say about the virgin birth.

Luke 1 – Get Dunked On

We’ve just finished a trip through the minor prophets, and it’s the Christmas season. You hardly have to guess where we’re going next. It’s time to break that 400-year silence between testaments and crack open the gospel accounts of the birth of Christ. We’re going to hit Luke and Matthew’s accounts, and we may hit Mark and John as well, even though they don’t directly report Jesus’ birth. After that, we may take a look at thankfulness in the gospels, and probably segue right into the rest of Luke. There’s gonna be a little bit of playing it by ear, but it starts with Luke 1.