Acts 8, contd. – Return of the Philip

If you were reading through the New Testament in canonical order, starting with Matthew and ending with Revelation, then Acts 8 would be the last you’d see of Philip. Even in the first half of the chapter, he ends up leaving the limelight as Peter handles Simon the Ex-Sorcerer’s attempt to purchase distribution rights to the Holy Spirit. But in the latter half of the chapter, Philip gets a solo adventure and an opportunity to do some big kingdom work, and it all starts with an angel and a eunuch.

Isaiah 56 (contd.) – Pierced Through

Welcome back to Isaiah 56. Yesterday, I found plenty to say about the first verse alone (and, for that matter, the exigencies of drafting a blog post in the Chicago O’Hare Airport without a laptop). Today we’re digging into the meat of the chapter, which concerns foreigners and eunuchs and how they relate to Israel, God’s chosen people. The Sabbath, as we’ve seen, is also an important element, so let’s check it out.

Isaiah 56 – The ‘Righteousness And Justice Are Like God’s Right And Left Arms’ Speech

As I write this on a paper towel because I forgot to pack a notebook, it’s 9:40 AM. I’m in the Chicago O’Hare Airport, en route to visit my uncle’s family in Georgia, eating breakfast and checking out Isaiah 56 in the few hours until my connecting flight. Later, I’ll type this up and post it. Until then, I’m kinda missing that backspace key, but I’d sooner gnaw off my fingers than thumb-type a blog post on my phone.

[On Sabbath] A Holy Day to the Lord, to Play Video Games in Your Pajamas (Isaiah 1:11-17, 56:1-7, 58:13-14)

There are three sections of Isaiah that discuss the Sabbath, and there are three lessons we can learn from them. Actually, there are probably a lot more than three, but I dug up an insight from each of the three passages today, so that’s what I’m sharing. Isaiah’s Sabbath lessons relate to rejecting empty rituals and practicing religion meaningfully, keeping Sabbath inclusively, and honoring God first in one’s rest.