Zechariah 13 – Messiahs and Meta-Prophecies, Third Edition

Unsurprisingly, the prophecies continue. Today we’ve got a prophecy that Jesus himself identifies as about him, but before that we’ve got a prophecy about prophets.


Galatians 2 – Legalism Horror Stories

In his letters, sometimes Paul gets theological, and sometimes he tells stories. Yeah, the categories have some artifice to them—stories are often theological, and theology can take the form of a story—but in today’s chapter, Paul continues telling the Galatians the story he started this letter with.

2 Corinthians 11 – A Life on the Line Against Lies

The first half of this chapter concerns Paul’s concern for the Corinthian church. Specifically, he doesn’t want them to get suckered in by false teachings and the false teachers who teach them. It’s a problem mentioned obliquely and briefly in previous chapters, but here he brings it to the fore.