Hebrews 5 – A Hard Left Turn into Weird Christology

This chapter begins by talking about high priests offering sacrifices. You’d think the author’s purpose would be to write up “high priests” alongside “angels” and “Moses” on the list of things Jesus is better than, but strangely, he emphasizes Jesus’ similarities to his priestly predecessors. What’s his reason there? I don’t know, but here on Chocolate Book, we’re all about admitting our ignorance and trying to figure stuff out, so here we go.

Isaiah 9 – The Boy Whose Name Was God

I like music. You know that, not only because everyone likes music, but also because I’m constantly sharing music on this blog that is ostensibly about the Bible. But did you know that, in addition to Christian rock from the 90s, I also enjoy classical music? I can’t read this passage from Isaiah without thinking of the section of Handel’s Messiah that sets it to music. Let’s let the London Symphony Orchestra perform it for us on Youtube, shall we? That’s the ticket.