Luke 11 – Scorpions for Lunch

Here we go again. I’d hoped to get Luke 11 covered for Sunday and call it the last of last week’s five posts, but that scenario clearly didn’t happen. So we’re gonna start fresh this week, kick it off with Luke 11’s prayers, parables, exorcisms, and criticisms, and shoot for a post every weekday as has been our custom. We’re invoking Blog Forgiveness and moving forward.

Conspicuous Absences of Thankfulness – Leviticus 7 & 22 [Totally Hip Gratitude]

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled trip through the minor prophets to bring you a new series: Totally Hip Gratitude. In this study, we’ll examine the topic of thankfulness, and we’re going to intersperse installments of it between prophets. To kick the study off, we’re going to look at a few passages from Leviticus, as well as a few passages where thankfulness doesn’t directly come up.

Psalm 34 – Constant Praise, or The Madness of King David

When I write these posts, I try to get at the meaning of the full passage, not just taking a few verses here and there to support my own preconceived ideas–which is at best making a tangential point while missing the bigger picture, and at worst prooftexting. But the first verse of this psalm today grabbed my mind and wouldn’t let go. “I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth” (1). David, are you insane?